Take out the Garbage…VOTE in the minefield.

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In a few days many states will have constituents vote for house and senate seats as well as for local and state representatives. It is our duty and privilege to vote but I must admit that it is a little like trying to find a good opportunity in a minefield.President Kennedy once said during his inauguration speech, “Ask not what your country can do for you but for what you can do for your country.”

What have Americans done for their country? We have sacrificed our retirement savings to a country lacking accountability for what it spends now or what it takes from the next several generations. We work nearly half of a year to pay taxes to keep this ship with no true leadership, afloat.We have watched banks and financial institutions  operate irresponsibly because there is little fiscal concern for balancing budgets and putting restraints onwhat big investment firms can do. We have watch our jobs be permitted to go overseas, while our homes and our families dissolve in the process. We have sacrificed friends and loved ones in the name of fighting terrorism on other continents with no end in sight and no victory won. We have done a lot for our country and yet we still have our hands tied when it comes to casting our vote, because currently THERE IS NO LAW THAT REGULATES TRUTH IN CAMPAIGNING.

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I guess no elected official, once he or she realized what it took to get into office believed there was any need to spare the next individual the caustic blows or outright slander or even thought that honesty belonged in a political arena.Is this just becoming a good old boys network of who tells the best lies? What’s to trust about a government that thinks regulating true fact finding should only occur after an individual is found out. (Remember Wm. Jefferson, the congressman from LA with 90,000 of bribe money in his freezer, or Harry Reid’s bribe to Senator Ben Nelson (Nebraska) to have all 49 states pay Nebraska’s Medicare costs to get Nelson’s vote on the health care reform bill in order for it to pass?)

Could it be involvement in politics requires just the right mix of deception and self centeredness that sponsoring a bill to demand truth in campaigning is simply like cutting one’s own throat?

Well, I’d like to challenge a candidate to come forward who tells me not only will he or she demand a change in the campaign format but will also be a strong enough character to get the bill passed  with enough support from a group of colleagues who also believe that the time has come to campaign with honesty.Until that time…election day will be just another round of who has fewer enemies that can dig up dirt and spread it around. I know what I can do for my country. I know what I am already doing and I know I won’t trust anyone who wants my vote until we have mandated truth in campaigning.

Fingers Crossed

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How about it candidates, why must truth and politics be the oxymoron that gets one elected? Ask not what Americans can do for their country ask what it will take to have a government with individuals who do an honest days work for honest pay…then we’ll talk.

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