Shaken not Stirred ?

Homeless and hungry

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Christians are sometimes the most contradictory people you will meet. I’m as guilty as the next at times, when it comes to practicing what I preach. I don’t necessarily mean trying to live a Christian life style, but more about what my reaction is when I hear or see something that causes me to think, ” I wish someone would do something about that.”

It may be something that relates to human rights or freedoms. It might have to do with people who are living a substandard existence or who are forgotten about in society because they don’t have the ability to defend themselves. Topics from human trafficking to elder abuse, inability to access health care to how to help the disenfranchised, often make Christians stop and ponder the plight of many who don’t have the blessings we often take for granted. We hear a missionary speak about conditions in a third world nation or we read about a family living on the streets just miles from our home and our hearts break and we toss more money into an envelope or even give more food to a food drive. We react but often because we are shaken into action by what we initially see or here not because we have been stirred into a lifestyle of making it our mission to be the one who will really make a dent in the issue. Often our focus is sustained only for a single response or an annual pledge.

 I am shaken up enough to support a cause with a contribution or write a letter to my congressman but fail to realize that yes, someone does need to do something about some issues, and a single contribution,another box of food or even Christmas shoebox only makes an immediate impact but  it doesn’t really help like a long term commitment of responsibility.

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Christians should not always be shaken into doing something but constantly stirred  by our very beliefs. While it is impractical to respond to each and every issue with long standing commitment,  We ought to be shaken into action by an issue that has spoken to our soul but remain stirred enough on a regular basis to continue to offer support through a variety of responses consistently and until the issue is resolved or at least abated.

Whether we are concerned about those who do not yet know Christ or perhaps the needs of those living in squalor in our cities. Whether we are moved to action by unwed mothers, unwanted babies, those neglected or lonely or those whose lives are trapped in a spiral of substance abuse, we must react not just one time or annually or every time there is a clothing drive or extra collection but we must commit to “doing something about it” for as long as it takes. Our commitment need not always be monetary but we certainly can devote some time, or effort as well to bringing real change to a real world.

This may mean we need to be committed for life. It is not enough to have our hearts moved by moments that cause us to stop and count our blessings. It is not enough to be shaken by a need that beckons for us to react. We must be Christians that are stirred into a lifetime of “fighting for the cause” regardless of what it may be. We each have been touched by the needs of the world in some way personally. I know I have been. I also know that while I have been a shaken Christian, it is my goal to work towards long term involvement with issues that need someone to be more than just a one time responder.

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Christians have long been immediate responders to crisis, need and all types of requests for support but how many of us have been stirred beyond the initial response to continue to be supportive, informed and reactive? Everyone has something that grabs at their heart and begs for them to “do something” or “help somehow”. How about you? What issue could you make your personal mission statement not because it has shaken you but because you are continually stirred to be not just a reactor but to sustain your reaction until you can truly say you have been that person that has made a difference?


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2 Responses to Shaken not Stirred ?

  1. David Knight says:

    Great blog .very thought provoking ….lovely to see and read how truth flows from your heart and in your creativity / words. The world and humanity need people who shine like yourself. God bless you and your family. Dave AscensionForYou…ps subscribed to your blog now… be great if you have time to check mine out to please

  2. Thank you for your reply, David. I did visit your site as well

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