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Yes, the United States of America has a blemish(probably more than one). Our credit rating for the first time in our history has been downgraded. Economic strategists vary on views about what this means for the U.S. in the long run, but clearly it means the government has failed to manage incurred debt to the satisfaction of those who look at credit scores.

It’s difficult to feel capable of changing one’s lifestyle when prices go up and interest rates skyrocket due to mismanagement of funds or fiscal irresponsibility especially when that irresponsiblity is not necessrily our fault, yet we need to remember that the United States has long been the land of plenty and the land of opportunity. When our country is facing some extremely difficult times, it is easy to view the American dream as a nightmare but perhaps this is because the vast majority of Americans expect a happy ending.

Most Americans don’t go to bed at night with military armed with Kalashnikovs  guarding our subdivisions from a terrorist attack. Most Americans don’t have to go down to the stream and collect what water we can, polluted or not, to have on our tables for dinner. Most Americans have tables and even dinner. Most Americans do not have to pray within the confines of our homes in fear of retribution if caught practicing religion, and most Americans do not have to untie a burro and take it to the nearest bazaar to buy a day’s worth of fruit and vegetables. It might seem that it can easily come to that with the cost of gasoline and groceries and the rising unemployment and foreclosure figures. But we really need to realize that although we may have to work for it, America is living a good life.

For the first time in history our credit rating has been downgraded, so maybe we need to start pulling together as a country regardless of whether we are young or old, Republican or Democrat, well off or unemployed, religious or atheist, war monger or pacifist and stand for what we want without waivering or caring if someone calls us on our stand. Because if we don’t do it now, we may not have the right to take a stand in the near future and that would even be a  a more devastating down grade than losing a credit rating.

We must elect officials who view their own needs as nothing greater than those of their constituents. We must ask our congressmen to accept the same benefits packages most Americans have; the same health care coverage; the same social security payouts. And we must bring jobs back to America. Yes, the costs are cheaper to manufacture overseas but much of America’s foundation and exceptional growth came when factories were buzzing here and work was plentiful. We must demand incentives for keeping jobs in America and not allow big business to be cajoled by cheaper  trades in other nations. When we elect to grow America here, we not only provide jobs for our own but we are also not supporting the substandard wages and conditions of  workers who do that job in another countr

America is not going into the toilet but our government might be looking down a long sewer- like journey unless those elected to congress choose to represent their constituents without the perks and bells and whistles that many believe they are entitled and stop letting big business and lobbyists entice them to stab our country in the back.  I say, “Do your job, Washington, but don’t expect any more perks because you do. If what you offer me is the best you have in terms of my health care, my social security, my benefits, my privileges, then what is good for the goose is not only good for the gander but it is good for the gander’s entire country. From the top down, let us all work to support the America former generations inspired.

The past several months, America has struggled to stay on top and yet biblical teachings tell us that no empire will survive indefinitely.  I would still rather have my America with all her flaws and quirks than be in another country. This land is your land and it is my land too and it is time for all the political riff-raff and economic goobily-gook to end and instead of people asking what we can do for our country it is time to ask what we can do WITH our country. What can we do with the land of opportunity and the place our forefathers were willing to die to defend?

It is NOT politically incorrect to be proud to be an American but it just might be politically incorrect to stand quiet and do nothing about it. Demand everyone from your leader on down accept responsibility and act accordingly. Demand that my dream, your dream and the dream of those who live here in the future be guaranteed a happy ending because there is only one way to go when you are down and most

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Americans HAVE been there and we know how to get back on our feet and it might just not be in a pair of imported sneakers.


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4 Responses to MAD(E) in AMERICA

  1. You are absolutely right about this.

  2. carol Apple says:

    Great post and great blog! America is still a great country and I agree we have been very blessed. However we need to remember that our prosperity and security did not just happen. It happened because our forefathers and foremothers operated according to certains philosophies and beliefs – the value of the individual, the value of hard work, freedom to build our businesses according to our creativity and abilities, etc. Freedom to worship according to our beliefs has played a huge role in giving us strenghth of conviction, inspiration, and the important sense of doing what we do for a higher purpose, and the freedom to serve others according to our conscience. If we cannot operate according to the principles that made us prosperous, we will probably no longer be prosperous.

    • Thank you for your reply. Every good institute has a foundation with exceptional principles which even when shaken or destroyed can rise above again. America needs to rediscover our true foundation….and remember why “in God we trust” was part of that belief.

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