As the jury debates Jerry Sandusky‘s fate, I recalled just a few days ago hearing someone comment that perhaps Casey Anthony is no longer the most hated person in America. While any crime against children in particular is reprehensible, I wonder if Christians have abandoned biblical principle when it comes to accepting judgement and moving on.

The country was shocked when Casey Anthony was acquitted and perplexed and disappointed when John Edwards did not get his due. Have we come to a point that what we hear and see in the media whether false or true has allowed us not just to form an opinion but to take on the role of judge and

Last Judgment

Last Judgment (Photo credit: JoetheLion)

jury, make our decision and become enraged when we believe justice is not served?

It’s only natural to feel anger and want a sense of justice when we hear about a crime that is disgusting, revolting and inhuman. Casey, John and Jerry are just a few individuals who have been made the headlines partaking in a lifestyle many feel unacceptable, but is it not just as unacceptable to hold them in contempt after the verdict is reached?

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We have an obligation to recall Romans 12:19,  “It is mine to avenge; I will repay,” says the Lord.

There have been and will be countless trails where the final judgement seems to be wrong, unfair and most of all disappointing when we believe justice was hardly served. I found myself wondering what kind of legal system we had when those I thought would be convicted were acquitted of all or most charges. I too wonder if the same will happen with Jerry Sandusky, but in wondering, I also realize only one can render a final judgment and when He does, all will be right in heaven and earth.

What was your reaction to the recent decisions in high profile crimes?

It is difficult to accept human judgment and settle for God‘s final one in times like these for me. Yet James 2:13 tells us “…mercy triumphs over justice.”

And with those words, I must ask myself can I be merciful? How about you?

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