10 Reasons Losers Give for Not Voting.

Yes, it IS a big deal. The 15th amendment gave it to African American males. It took another 50 years for women to have the privilege and nearly another 50 for 18 year olds to get the same. The right to vote has been earned and proctected by Consitutional amendments, Acts of Congress and Supreme Court decisions.

It’s your voice and voices are made to be heard. Don’t succumb to any of the following reasons losers don’t vote.

1.  I am too reluctant to let total strangers see my driver’s license or photo I.D. (didn’t that bartender just see it this weekend?)

2. I hate waiting in line? (but not for the latest phone.)


3.  I don’t know anything about anyone who is seeking office (but I did vote in the latest American Idol finals)

4. I don’t know how to use the voting machines (but I can beat anyone at Halo 4)…Can you button your own clothing?

5. I don’t know where to vote (Seriously cave dwelling is no longer cool.)

6. They don’t have any Starbucks at the voting location (You are right and there are no refreshments, entertainment or prizes…just the chance to keep a freedom while you can)

7. Being with a bunch of strangers means exposing myself to all types of germs (Does that restaurant, library, night club or party you attend have a germ free zone?)

8. Only old people are running for office (yeah, like you are getting younger every day!)


9. Someone might see me and it might look bad for my image (because those pajama bottoms you where to every sporting event really elevate your status in everyone’s eyes)

10. It’s only one vote and it doesn’t make a difference.(Let’s let everyone who thinks that see what type of a country we live in less than 10 years from now)

Rutherford B Hayes (yeah, that’s a real person) won his presidential bid by ONE vote. (maybe it was your great, great, great grandfather’s but yours might be the ONE that makes a difference for your children, grandchildren or great great grandchildren.)

Don’t be a loser… USE YOUR VOICE and VOTE because you STILL CAN and that might not always be the story we tell.

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