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If Not Cain Then Who is Able?

This weekend Republican contender for the presidential nomination, Herman Cain suspended his campaign because of the recent allegations several women have brought forth, the latest who claimed a 13 year extramarital affair with Mr. Cain. Although no allegations have been … Continue reading

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Christians world-wide are commemorating Good Friday today. The day the Lord died to pay for human sin and to once and for all make it possible for sinners to be forgiven and to gain eternal life if they believe in … Continue reading

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Keeping CHRIST in Christmas

Image via Wikipedia “Majority rules” is a standard everyone from the U.S. government to individual groups use to decide how to honor various opinion or choices. Whether deciding on a government health care package or where to hold the senior … Continue reading

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Looks like a Christian, walks like a Christian,talks like a Christian, it must be a Christian or…not?

People become mortified whenever they hear of a prominent or even not so prominent Christian doing something they think is wrong.  Mark Sanford,  S.C. governor admitted to cheating on his wife  Jennie, who later revealed he refused to take the … Continue reading

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