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There were some controversial practices in the early history of Christianity as well. Incest and adultery were evident in Christ’s lineage. The Crusades led by Christians often treated their enemies in ways that made water boarding look like an innocent … Continue reading

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Christians world-wide are commemorating Good Friday today. The day the Lord died to pay for human sin and to once and for all make it possible for sinners to be forgiven and to gain eternal life if they believe in … Continue reading

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Gaby’s Fight and “Christians”

How the tragedy of Gabrielle Giffords makes us all more “christian” Continue reading

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Keeping CHRIST in Christmas

Image via Wikipedia “Majority rules” is a standard everyone from the U.S. government to individual groups use to decide how to honor various opinion or choices. Whether deciding on a government health care package or where to hold the senior … Continue reading

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Where Do You Stand On Capital Punishment

Image by loraxsix via Flickr Everything changed on  July 23, 2007 for William Petit, a prominent Connecticut endocrinologist and his wife Jennifer Hawke-Petit and two daughters. A middle of the night home invasion. left Dr. Petit badly beaten and his … Continue reading

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Looks like a Christian, walks like a Christian,talks like a Christian, it must be a Christian or…not?

People become mortified whenever they hear of a prominent or even not so prominent Christian doing something they think is wrong.  Mark Sanford,  S.C. governor admitted to cheating on his wife  Jennie, who later revealed he refused to take the … Continue reading

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HELP…I got into a Ponzi Scheme and I Can’t Get Out!

What do you think is the true story behind Social Security? Continue reading

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